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100 Drawings/100 Minutes is a performance piece inspired by the quick spontaneity of sketchbook doodles. For the piece I give myself exactly one minute to do a drawing and then ten seconds to turn around and pin it to the wall behind me. The performance is continuous and lasts approximately 104 minutes. During the entire film I am wearing a hat that supports an icosahedron. The idea of this is to channel the energy of the fictional sphere that exists in the fictional town where the film is set. 

The performance is acted out within a fictional nightclub called The Apocalypse Club. This club is a centre point of my story and many of the main protagonists feature in and around it. 

By creating a fictional space, I am able  play out certain ideas and concepts of performance that I am interested in. 

Once the performance was completed I was then in possession of a large amount of physical and digital material. 

To start with I have the 100 drawings. They were displayed in the film on the wall behind me. They can potentially be displayed this way again in a more gallery setting but after assessment feedback it was suggested how could I display them differently. 

There are numerous ways i.e.. On the floor, hanging by wire, maybe some kind of 3dimensional sculptures. 

Currently my plan is to laser cut a cube with 5 sides having all the drawings cut into them. And then a light to go into the 6th side and to then hang like a lamp shade. This will project the 100 drawings onto the walls of a proposed cube room. 

I will also be making a handmade book  with 100 dry point etchings. I will probably nly make one of these as very time consuming.


With the digital material(the film) I realised I had a piece of work that could somehow generate its own mythology. If not too grand. I had the idea of creating souvenirs of the performance. These included a photobook, an ashtray, mug, signed photos of me with the hat on. Also limited edition prints of the drawings. I could have created even more elaborate souvenirs but I didn’t feel the need to at this time.

I became more interested in creating a kind of photo booth, where fans of the performance could relive the film by holding re-created props that were in the original film and then having their photos taken. 

I made the props out of foam and card. I wanted them to be oversized and a bit tacky. 


I have just been given permission by pianist Noriko Ogawa and her record label BIS  to use her recordings of Eric Satie for the film. I will be adding them soon. 19/05/19

The Souvenir Shop

Photo Booth