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Personal Statement

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The nest of fictions that is my painting practice constructs a world of the future, narrating the adventures of two male twins.  Moth Kipper and Burnt Toast Geometry play out their extraordinary lives of discovery in the fabricated town of Spheresville.  This urban space blends 1900s Paris, Bladerunner and Futurama with a place of personal resonance, Chanctonbury Ring.  The stories begin when a large geodesic sphere mysteriously appears overnight stimulating dreams and fears of altered destinies.  As narrator of the mythologies, histories and societies that evolve, I use an expanded field of painting, sculpture, drawing, installation and film to create visual science fictions.


I invent situations and settings to insert smaller stories within the two-dimensional scenes I depict. At the same time, scenarios can leave the paintings to become ‘real-life’.  For example, as performance art pieces, a rock group called Shunt Limit and the Apocalypse nightclub. Although looking to the future, my work is rooted in the in the here and now.  Neither overtly political nor intentionally communicative, the images I create arguably both comment on the minutiae of the confusing chaos that surrounds us, and to some extent offer imagination as a way through it. 


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