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Drawing Sculpture development

This is an adapted piece of work that was made at the start of the course. Initially entitled ‘Adam tries to get Geraint’s attention’.

It is a free standing piece with one wall fixing. Acrylic and ink on screen printed and collagraph collaged paper with wooden structures and wool.

The initial inspiration for this piece was an amalgamation of several elements. The Amy Silman and Tom Friedman shows inspired the image (an accurately blown up recreation of a sketch book drawing). The wooden structure came about as I had been thinking how I could incorporate a more 3D version of an illusionistic frame that appears in several recent (pre Wimbledon) paintings. The wool also appears in earlier work and I feel it is a 3D manifestation of a painterly mark that I employ a lot in work, namely the vertical painted stripes. Looking back on my early thoughts regarding this piece I had been looking at Nam June Paik’s robots.  The possibility of incorporating video was something that occured to me for future  works.

For the degree show I wanted to bring this piece back into the installation but to replace the drawing with a projection of my film that was made at the start of the course also. '100 Drawings 100 Minutes'. The idea of replacing the drawing with a drawing film seemed to fit perfectly. I also replaced the wool with thicker rope that was painted thickly to create something more sturdy and handmade as opposed to shop bought wool. 

I used a projector and back lit the film onto some theatrical fabric that was suspended with fishing wire between the wooden construction. 

Another reason for using this sculpture to show the film was an attempt to get away from standard ways of displaying video ie. a monitor fixed to the wall. By doing this the film becomes part of the actual sculpture. The lightness of the fabric and its susceptibility to drafts creates a gentle sail like motion. 

100 Drawings 100 Minutes

100 Drawings/100 Minutes is a performance piece inspired by the quick spontaneity of sketchbook doodles. For the piece I give myself exactly one minute to do a drawing and then ten seconds to turn around and pin it to the wall behind me. The performance is continuous and lasts approximately 104 minutes. During the entire film I am wearing a hat that supports an icosahedron. The idea of this is to channel the energy of the fictional sphere that exists in the fictional town where the film is set. 

The performance is acted out within a fictional nightclub called The Apocalypse Club. This club is a centre point of my story and many of the main protagonists feature in and around it. 

Throughout the course of the year I have referred back to this film to create additional works. These have included a souvenir shop where you could buy things relating to the film such as a book, ashtrays, mugs and signed photographs. I also created a photo booth where you could re-enact the drawing performance and take home a photograph. 

I also created an architectural model of a proposed exhibition about the film. On one of the walls of this model I had positioned the 100 drawings much the same as in the actual film. After a tutorial with Anna I began to think about how I could display these drawings in an unconventional way.