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How to Make a Burnt Toast Geometry.


In the year 2017 a mysterious and large sphere appears above the Chanctonbury Ring in the English countryside. No one knows what it is or where it has come from.

100 years later the sphere is still there and still nobody knows its origin or is able to get inside it despite countless research projects.

In this year of 2117 twins are born to two scientists who work for the corporation known as Spheretec. Originally a small company designed with the task of understanding the sphere, it has now grown into a giant corporation and controls everything from police to the military and even the government. These two scientists met at Spheretec and fell in love. The twins that were born were conceived under the giant sphere. Being scientists on the project they had unrestricted access to the sphere, as a giant ring of steel surrounds the sphere and is heavily guarded day and night.

The two scientists are good people. The company they work for isn’t.

They discover something about the sphere that endangers their lives. In fear of this they take their twin boys in the middle of the night and leave them at the door of a nightclub in the town of SpheresVille, a sprawling Las Vegas type 1920’s Montmartre town that has slowly sprung up around the base of the sphere.

This club is called The Apocalypse Club. It is run by 3 sisters aptly named The Apocalypse Sisters. Upon finding the babies at their door they have no alternative but to raise them as their own. They do try to trace the parents but to no avail.

A note is left with the babies. It reads

‘Please look after our babies. They are in grave danger with us. We have cracked the code’

The scientists have disappeared.

It’s now 25 years later. The boys are grown up. The Apocalypse Club is now SpheresVille’s most happening and exciting place to go.

The twins names. Burnt Toast Geometry and The Moth Kipper.

They help out in the club most nights but also have a side line. They harvest magnolia flowers that grow at the base of the Sphere. These flowers produce hallucinogenic effects that people will pay hefty sums for. Burnt and Moth do not indulge   themselves. They tried them once but they had no effect. It’s everyone else who takes them experiences the euphoric feelings.

Harvesting the flowers is no mean feat. Security is so tight around the sphere but the two brothers have developed a stealth drone that can fly over the wall undetected and remove the flowers. Unlike normal magnolias that only flower briefly once per year these magnolia trees have grown up under the sphere and flower constantly. They then have to press these flowers in order to dry them out. They have a van. It’s called the Moth Kipper Mobile. Inside Burnt and Moth spend hours preparing the flowers for pressing and removing pressed ones ready to be processed. It’s a pretty nifty set up.

Burnt and Moth often wonder what happened to their parents and who they were.

When they turn 25 the Sisters decide to show the boys the note that was left with them, up until now never mentioning it for fear it could put the boys in danger.

‘Please look after our babies. They are in grave danger with us. We have cracked the code’

Whether being showed the note has triggered something or perhaps some other force is at work, ever since their 25th birthday the twins have been having the same recurring dreams about the sphere. It almost feels like it is communicating with them. Burnt and Moth though have very different ideas about what the Sphere is. Moth wants to work for Spheretec as he feels the answers lie there. Burnt disagrees and feels the truth lies within him although he would never admit this to Moth.

So they go about their days as usual but an ever growing urge swells with in them.

There’s something on the horizon.

It’s coming soon.

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