Welcome to The Apocalypse Club

For my degree show I have been given a large room to play in.

The title of the show is ‘Welcome to The Apocalypse Club’. This refers to a nightclub that exists within my fictional narrative. I am able to use this setting as a vehicle for my practise and use it to play out different scenarios and performances.

The room is mixture of the real fictional nightclub and also the night club seen through the dreamlike state of the main protagonist of my story. A man called ‘Burnt Toast Geometry’

He is the character who you see performing the drawing film. The figure seated at the table is also the surreal reincarnation of this person.

As you wander around the room you can see clues to what is going on. A poster on the wall telling you that Burnt Toast Geometry will be performing 100 Drawings live on September 5th 2143.  Another poster tells you the following week will be the debut performance of Shunt Limit’s album ‘Spherical Spaghetti.

Inside a black van a TV plays the film ‘In search of Burnt Toast Geometry’. This was filmed upon Chanctonbury Ring and is the setting for the whole narrative all be it 125 years in the future.

Looking up you will see a large painting depicting a huge sphere. The sphere is not yet complete and represents the exact moment a giant sphere appears over the Chanctonbury Ring. No one actually sees it materialise so it has been imagined by an artist.

The two paintings on wheels depict strange and mysterious creatures. Looking closely you realise that these scenes are taken from inside the sphere. Are they are part of Burnt’s unconscious or are they real.

If you listen carefully between the crowd murmuring you will hear Burnt speak. Words can be made out, eve phrases from time to time but there is no sense to his ramblings.