Adam Green.  Shunt Limit wow the crowds

Shunt Limit wow the crowds at The Apocalypse Club

The audience cheered as the red curtain was drawn across the stage.

Shunt Limit had wowed the crowds on their debut performance at the Apocalypse Club.

Burnt and Moth looked at each other and smiled. They knew the music was good but they hadn’t expected such a reaction.

Their Album Spherical Spaghetti had just been performed in its entirety.

Born out of the sprawling town known as Spheresville, Shunt Limit were a 6 piece progressive rock band carved out of this surreal landscape.

This first performance was in front of a home crowd as Burnt and Moth had been raised in the Apocalypse Club by three sisters affectionately known as The Apocalypse Sisters.

The band walked off stage, buzzing from their performance.  As they did so, from the corner of Burnt’s eye he looked through the red veils. He knew most of the people in the crowd but he was slightly drawn to the back of the room where a shadowy figure seemed to be lingering and then turned and left slowly out through the door.

It troubled him for a moment but then he was greeted by cheers from the backstage crew and put it out of his mind.

Only later in the evening did the thought re-enter his mind. Who was this figure?.. He felt like he knew him but how he didn’t know.


Adam tries to get Geraint's attention

Wood, wool, paper and fishing wire.