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David Ostowski at Spruth Magers, London

I liked this exhibition because it took the paintings away from the traditional wall hanging experience and suspended them from wires or leaned them up against the wall and also on top of each other. It made me think about how to present my work.

Elmgreen and Dragset at Whitechapel.

I loved  most of this show. In particular the swimming pool that greets you upon entry. Having been to the Whitechapel a lot it was amazing how the environment had been changed. I then read the text and discovered the it was a work of fiction. I feel there is correlation with this and my research.

Mantegna and Belini at The National Gallery.

A stunning show. So great to see so many Mantegna's. One of my favourite pieces in the National is 'The introduction of the cult of Cybele in Rome', I often sit in front of this painting. 

John Cage at Gallerie Thaddaues Ropac.

A small room full of drawings and a compositions inspired by a rock garden at Ryoanji(Temple of the peaceful dragon), A Zen Buddist temple in Kyoto.

FBA at The Mall Galleries.

It was great to meet Jack Candy-Kemp(last years MA student) and hear him read his poetry in front of his paintings. 

Condo in Cork St.

An empty shell of a building in Cork St that housed several pop up galleries as part of something called Condo. A collaborative exhibition of 52 galleries over 18 spaces in London. 

London Art Fair, Business Design Centre. 

A large collection of galleries showing their wares. 

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